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At KickFire We Specialize in Customized Laser Beam Focused Marketing Campaigns.

You are unique. Your marketing should be too!

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News From The Pyromaniacs

  • Hot-Seat-YT-Thumbnail-3

    The Hot Seat – Aladdin Industries

    We’ve Lit Some Pants on Fire! That’s right, the “Perfect Trifecta” (Janelle, Tyler, and Cory) put our new friends, Aladdin Industries, in the hot seat this week. We took a look at their current marketing and online presence… the result? A whole lot of learning, a whole lot of work ahead, and a whole lot […]

  • Corys-Image

    Come On Inside My Brain: Writing Stuff People Want To Read

    This is weird. It’s early, I’m sitting down at my computer (taking swigs of my 32 oz mug of water) while prepping myself to write a blog post… about writing. A few days ago I had the idea that I would take you through the mind’s journey of a professional copywriter – mine, since that’s […]

  • On-Demand-Marketing

    On Demand Marketing

    “I’m really pissed off about this. All of my new business relies on this website now, and unless we can get Google to see the changes, I’m dead in the water.” Two days before Christmas, one of our client’s websites had been hacked, and Google had shut off his Adwords campaigns, leaving him without a […]

  • Youtube2

    Laser Beam Focused… Dating?

    Hello Friends! Today I’m here to help you light up your business by reviewing one of the most important marketing fundamentals. The importance of laser beam focusing your marketing. But rather than dive into a large topic that I’ve already thoroughly discussed in our FREE KickFire ebook Misguided Marketing: How to Avoid the Most Common […]


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