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At KickFire We Specialize in Customized Laser Beam Focused Marketing Campaigns.

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  • Incredibly Talented

    So Much Talent In One Place Should Be Illegal.

  • Extremely Diverse

    Our Crew Knows No Boundaries.

  • Loads of Fun

    If You’re Not Laughing With Us, You’re Laughing Against Us.

  • Totally Creative

    Where’s The Box? We’ve Never Been Inside One.

  • Insanely Good Looking

    You’d Be Surprised How Many Times We’re Asked on Dates.

  • Some of Us Are Single

    And Yes, You’re Welcome to Ask Us Out. On Dates.

News From The Pyromaniacs

  • Hot-Seat-Volume-1-Episode-2

    The Hot Seat – Salt Lake Pops Orchestra

      In this month’s Hot Seat we go over the marketing efforts of the Salt Lake Pops Orchestra, a Utah based pops orchestra ( They have some great music, great YouTube videos and some good guest musicians, but wait until you see what the KickFire crew sees! Featuring special guest Aaron Krall of Cliq Marketing. […]

  • TalkinganddTamponBanner

    Talking, Trying and Tampons – Fighting the Fear of Failure

    To Open Your Mouth or Keep It Shut “Pedro can’t sleep at night because it’s too noisy outside his apartment. What should he do?” “Has he tried putting tampons in his ears?” Learning another language can be brutal – especially as an insecure, 19-year-old, baby-faced boy. I’d just graduated high school and volunteered to go […]

  • The-sectret-to-Feeling-the-Love-Online

    The Secret to Feeling the Love Online

    In the month of love, it just makes sense to talk about reputation and online ratings. A few years ago I worked as VP of Marketing for a startup deal company called Deal Pickle. We shipped beautiful but discounted gift certificates coast to coast. They shipped in a little DVD-style box anywhere in two days. […]

  • Reputations-and-Relationships

    Of Reputations and Relationships: Knowing when to RUN–not walk– away!

    Chasing Sunk Costs Have you ever heard that expression before? If not, I’m sure you’ve at least experienced the phenomenon. It’s the natural tendency we humans have of trying to salvage anything we’ve spent considerable time or money on–such as a relationship gone wrong, an investment going south or a lemon we keep repairing. I, […]


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