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At KickFire We Specialize in Customized Laser Beam Focused Marketing Campaigns.

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  • Insanely Good Looking

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  • Some of Us Are Single

    And Yes, You’re Welcome to Ask Us Out. On Dates.

News From The Pyromaniacs

  • Amazon Marketing Strategy

    Amazon Marketing Strategy | How to Increase Your Amazon Sales

    Are you looking for some Amazon marketing help or perhaps some serious Amazon Strategy? Or perhaps you’re back from my last blog post where I taught you how to use video marketing to increase your business because I promised to show you how to make your own video to effectively sell your products or services? In either case, you’re in luck! [...]

  • Video-Marketing-for-Business-v-2

    How You Can Use Video Content Marketing to Increase Your Business

    Video rocks! The other day my kids came home from their dad’s house and started telling me all about their new flying toy. They said it was a big balloon shark that could fly all over the house. They spent the next 5 minutes telling me all about it how it moved and what it looked like. I tried to [...]

  • Interest-Passion-Success-Blog

    Interest, Passion, and Success | It’s Hard to Have One without the Others

    CrossFit & Me I’m three months into CrossFit. That’s not to say that I’ve not been active for years. Because I have been – running, biking, weightlifting, etc. But even still, CrossFit is kicking my behind! Everyday, I show up knowing that in a few minutes, after I stretch and warm up, I’m going to be in pain and will probably [...]

  • Gardening-is-Awesome

    Gardening is Awesome and I’m a Crappy Gardener

    They say gardening is good for your soul. You get a chance to unplug and put your hands back in mother earth, enjoy the fruit of your own work, eat by your own hand, and all of that other fluffy stuff I see so often in pretty memes and in gardening Instagram feeds. The truth is, I’m a crappy gardener. [...]


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